Blog #11 9/7/22 : Attending valley invitational #2 and upcoming tourneys with Outkast baggers

Blog #11 9/7/22 : Attending valley invitational #2 and upcoming tourneys with Outkast baggers

Hey guys it’s been a long few weeks! Currently working on running tournaments with OutKast baggers in bishop,Tx starting September 12th! Which is a huge deal for the area and for us to help expand our love for the sport to the smaller towns! We’ve been working hard to get all our equipment and sponsorships organized and everything is looking great! Sponsored boards are getting picked up as we speak thanks to flux boards and we are looking forward to a great partnership with the American legion here in bishop! 

For my personal cornhole life my playing has been fluctuating from some good days and some real bad days. I’ve been attending a few tourneys with the recent valley invitational #2 where we did pretty good in doubles and I singles I just couldn’t put my games together. Consistency hasn’t been there and I’m starting to overthink my shots leading up to me making errors I shouldn’t have made. I think once you start playing this game long enough you wanna start tweaking things to improve your shots, but in my case I’ve tried too many things to change up my shot causing me to have a very inconsistent throw. I believe I just need to go back to the basics and just have fun. Reality for most people like me is that we are not going to go pro, but just like to compete and win like any other person. I’ve came to that realization and just need to start enjoying the game more instead of worrying and out the outcomes. Especially with us starting tournament and leagues soon in our local area it will be great to see new faces and introduce more people to our love for the game. We have alot in store for the future and will keep on pushing through ti keep this dream going and keep growing the game. Thank y’all for listening to my soapbox of a cornhole life , but better things are to come with our brand and my cornhole game! Thanks for following along and until next time keep slinging them!

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