Blog #8 7/5/2022 : Coming back strong with the blog! What’s been going on the last few months!

Blog #8 7/5/2022 : Coming back strong with the blog! What’s been going on the last few months!

Guess who’s back! Well technically not back from taking a break from cornhole and the business, but back to bringing the weekly blog! So what’s been going on since the last blog? Well as we continue to grow the business by adding more products to the website we been traveling to a more events from visiting a blind draw in Lafayette, LA (which we were late for but still played some games) with Acadian cornhole to still playing in the Robstown cornhole league and occasionally visiting the 956 cornhole boys to do some blind draws and BYOP we have been going non-stop! It’s getting to the point that I will be taking a small break from throwing just to give my shoulder a proper break after feeling a lot of soreness the last few months. Self care is definitely important and being hard headed as I am I finally understand that taking a break will be the best decision for me. But of course it’s going to have to wait with the southwest conference tournament coming close to home that I cannot miss the opportunity to attend! As we continued to travel to many different events my buddies from 956 cornhole and I made a special trip to the Uvalde benefit tourney to support the local clubs and city after the horrific events that have affected the town in the recent weeks. It was just heartbreaking seeing this hit so close to home and when we were playing we got to meet some of the family members affected by the events, but not one of them that entered the tourney was without a smiling face and uplifting attitude. It was truly inspiring to see such young kids carry themselves so respectful and nice throughout the tourney and with the help of the surrounding communities it turned out to be an amazing event! My teammates from 956 cornhole took 1st, 2nd and 3rd while my team got 9th outta 96 teams! It was a great tourney and had a bunch of awesome throwers, but what was more amazing was how the surrounding communities came together for such a special event and show support for everybody affected. We were glad to donate some items and do our part in helping that cause. It was great meeting all the local clubs and seeing alot of my products throughout the entire tourney. Really gave me a boost of motivation to continue to grow this business and keep donating when I can. I love competing and winning tourneys of course like anybody else, but my attitude going into any tourney is to always show love and support for the local clubs. Recently I haven’t been throwing the best just due to too much stiffness in my shoulder and not feeling comfortable anymore. So I’m taking a break for one season with my league nights and a small break from throwing in general. I will give it a few weeks before I start doing tourneys again, but I definitely will use this time to relax and get back to my old self. 

thanks again for supporting me and keeping up with the blog! We officially hit over 100 like on Facebook and will currently look at doing a giveaway soon! I will go through the names and the people that actually followed the rules to the giveaway and will post it live soon! Thanks for keeping up with me and talk to y’all soon! Yeah 

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