Blog #9 7/31/2022 : Sunday funday at the Valley Invitational

Blog #9 7/31/2022 : Sunday funday at the Valley Invitational

This past Sunday I was able to attend the 2nd annual Valley Invitational where people from all around the lower rio grande area to see who the top players are including some travelers from up in robstown and Victoria. It was a great tournament with all the divisions going smooth and the competition ramping up from the last few tourneys. I played in the uppers singles and doubles where I didn’t have a great run in singles, but in doubles we were able to find our groove when switching from wizards to pro snipers and getting a strong 5th place finish. We lost a our last game while having a strong 16-0 start, but sometimes nerves get the better of us and we were not able to recover. It was nothing to be upset about and we just joked around about it and looked at all the positives from our run after facing a lot of tough teams. It was a good day of playing and we even ran a raffle for some bags, backpacks and other items to give our awesome customers down south a chance to win some merchandise. It was so awesome to see how much love and support we receive from the community and how much people are repping our stuff down there that it only makes us want to grow this building more and contribute to attend these tourneys with the goals of eventually sponsoring a few. It was a great weekend of playing with only more tourneys to travel to within the near future!


thanks for following us and be on the watch for new products coming in monthly! Enjoy y’all’s week!

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